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White-water rafting has taken off in Sabah and it is very popular with visitors to the state. There are four beautiful rivers in Sabah where white-water rafting and canoeing can be done. Each of these rivers run along valleys which are rich with vegetation atypical of Sabah. Arguably, Sabah is probably the best venue for white-water rafting in the region.

Padas River Rafting

Whitewater rafting is the sport to test the courageous. There are plenty of challenges of different classes particularly in the state of Sabah where rafting down rivers with foaming, turbulent rapids is a challenge sougth after by both lcoals and visitors. Sabah’s large number of fast flowing rivers, coupled with her scenic splendours and pristine jungles guarantee hours of adrenaline pumping roller-coaster rides.

The Padas River located near Tenom is very fast and should only be attempted by serious rafters. It is really exciting river in its upper stretches and the ride down river is guaranteed to give hours of nerve-tingling excitement.

The Kedamaian River literally means a river of peace and tranquility in the local language. In the dry season, between the months of February and July when the waters are low, Kedamaian winds very gently down a narrow course and it is peaceful and calm. During these months, a quiet picnic along the river would just be the ideal break.

From August to January comes the months of rain which fills the river to overflowing. It is during this time that a trip down the river in a raft can be anything from a reasonably fast ride to an exhilarating one of untold fun and excitement.

The Mulau River is an easy and pleasant river to raft and it is ideal for beginners. It is located in a beautiful valley in Kiulu where the local villages are neatly spaced and time seems to be of little consequence to the local populace.

The Papar River is perhaps the best river for rafting in Sabah. It has much of a rustic setting where the trees and the rocks and the birds all blend together to provide a picture of tranquility and harmony. Coasting through the rapids in the jungle setting, visitors will be given a taste of what the state has to offer in so many special ways.

Those who have experienced white-water rafting usually lasting some two to four hours maintain that the rivers in Sabah are easily the best in the region. The trips are relatively safe even amidst turbulent waters as rafters are equipped with life jackets and helmets. A rafting trip is strongly recommended for those who want to have an adventure and some excitement in their holidays in Sabah.

The areas around the four rivers are among the most scenic spots in the whole of Sabah.

After rafting, take time off for a picnic along the rivers. It will refresh you fully.

The Temburong River in Brunei is ideal for new paddlers. The grade 1 and 2 rapids provide sufficient challenge for those just developing their skills.

Families and school groups in particular find the fun and challenge a great experience.

Trips begin with plenty of practice and the early rapids are chosen to learn how the raft responds, and to develop the teamwork.

The Temburong River has a mixture of quiet pools to drift or paddle through, and regular rapids. Rafting down river after a day or two exploring the jungles of the Ulu Temburong National Park is a fun mixture of thrills and gentle paddling. Listening to the jungle sounds and watching for birds and other wildlife is part of the experience.

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