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Not just a mode of transport encouraged by the environmental lobby, long distance bicycling is a form of adventure travel that has been around for over a century. Cycling in Borneo is a unique journey across extremely challenging terrain and circumstances.

If you see yourself as a pioneer then Sarawak is mountain bike heaven. The State is a mountain biking blank page on which you can write your own exciting story

Near Kuching, the Sikoh Trail off the Penrissen Road has been described as a biker’s dream. The technical single track involves a number of water crossings and leads to a small waterfall.

The Singai Trail near the Batu Kawa Bridge is easily accessible from Kuching.

The Kampung Opar trail, with fast fire roads and screaming downhill and the scenic Bratak trail are both accessible from Bau, just 30 kilometers from Kuching. Just 100 kilometers from Kuching, the Penrissen Highlands, near the Indonesian border is dotted with longhouses and villages, all linked by tracks that are largely unridden.

Sabah has indeed much to offer as routes for mountain biking. The Crocker Range and other less prominent mountain ranges with its many scenic mountains, valleys, rivers and pockets of indigenous population, offer many scenic and challenging courses. It is rich in the natural flora and fauna. The agricultural activity is very much diversified. Depending on the trials a rider can observe hill paddy, pineapples, various types of vegetables, fruit or orchards, rubber, cocoa and oil palm.

The range of fauna a rider may encounter is also numerous.

The vast agricultural land developed in the undulating areas around Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Semporna, Tawau and the inland area of Keningau, Tenom, Sook and Telupid cultivated with oil palm cocoa, rubber, fruits have many lateritic tracks and paths that can be developed as mountain biking routes.

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