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Sabah Hotels

Sabah has a range of accommodation facilities to suite every taste and budget, from motels and guesthouses to ultra luxurious resorts. Incorporating the latest facilities and amenities while retaining local charm and hospitality, these hotels and resorts make your stay in Sabah all the more special.

Mataking Resort Hotel

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Sarawak Hotels

From five-star luxury suites to a night on a native longhouse floor, Sarawak has accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Kuching, Miri, Mulu and the beach resorts at Damai have a choice of five-star accommodation. All major towns have international class hotels and low room rates make them some of the best holiday bargains in Asia. There are even luxury hotels at two of our national parks.

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Labuan Hotels

Labuan has everything one would expect of a tropical island. From world-class resorts and five star hotels to budget type holes.

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Brunei Hotels

In the capital Bandar Seri Begawan, hotel accommodation ranges from internationally recognised 5-star establishments to modest hostels. Service apartments are also available at reasonable rates. Wherever you stay, you will be pleased with the quality, friendly service and gentle hospitality you will receive.

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