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Borneo wildlife, nature, rainforest, people and culture offers opportunities for documentaries, photography, films, productions, reality TV, commercials, travel shows and remote jungle expeditions.

Borneo Filming and Photography

Photography and Filming Services include:

  • Film Fixing
  • Filming and photography services
  • Photography tours and workshops led by professionals
  • Location management and equipment hire
  • Stock photography and 4K /videos and footage (Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei)
  • Sponsorship for TV & films permits and visa
  • Aerial videos with drones, helicopters and small planes
  • Scouting locations
  • Support & Logistics
  • Luxury accommodation and expedition
  • Underwater photography and safety
  • Magazines assignments
  • Event management
  • Books, magazines, promotion videos, posters, brochures and advertising
  • Conservation, environmental, nature and wildlife films
  • Hiring Crew and Talents

Servicing journalists, photographers, TV producers, Film crews, government agencies, researchers, scientists, NGOs and the tourism industry.

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