Welcome to Borneo

Experience the sights and sounds of Borneo’s rainforest in a comfortable way.

Most of the itineraries in our Borneo Tours include visits to the local communities, hikes in the rainforest,
river cruises, night safaris, tropical islands and more.

Let our expert local guides assist you choosing the excursions according to your wishes and interests.

Borneo, one of the world’s most species-rich and biodiverse natural areas in the world, is home to landscape as varied as rivers, primary rainforest, tropical islands and coral reefs.

Our tours provide unrivalled opportunities to observe the Borneo wildlife up close and personal.

Whether you are a profesionnal photographer or simply want to experience the tropical jungle for the first time, Borneo is the place for you.

Wake to the songs of Gibbons. Spend the day cruising across oxbow lakes while proboscis monkeys leap through the forest canopy. Relax and watch the sunset over the pristine waters of Mataking island or go scuba diving with swirling tornadoes barracudas at Sipadan.